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Pen-name: Svetlana Victorova

I was born to a Ukrainian mother and a Russian father in a small town in the Ukraine where my Mother was visiting her relatives.

Until the age of 15 lived in Russia, the Amur region.

I had a wonderful upbringing by both my parents and teachers.

In my teenage years I felt a strong urge to explore different forms of creativity.

Acting was an enigma that I wanted to be a part of. I joined a drama school. My teacher’s talent and love for the theatre were contagious. My time and experience there had played a defining role in shaping my personality.

While in the drama school, I first tried my hand at creative writing. I started writing a novella about the adventures of four teenagers, but never finished it.

My family moved to Rostov region when I was 15.

I was good at maths, physics and other sciences. When I was faced with the choice of my major in higher education, I decided to shoot for a technical degree.

I graduated from the Donskoy State Technical University and started work as a machinery engineer.

I’ve had a dynamic career, changed companies, learned more about my professional field.  However, thoughts of trying to write again have always stayed with me.

Finally, I started writing a fantasy novel, “The Victors’ Era,” intending to create a saga about beauty, the nobility of the human spirit, devotion, love, faith, and other human merits, for a wide reader audience.

I published an ebook in 2011, and in 2012, the Rostov-on-Don based publishing house “Zolotoye Slovo” (“Golden word”) published a pilot paperback version of 500 copies.

I dedicated the book to my late parents who, among other things, had taught me to dream, but didn’t live to see the most ambitious of my dreams coming true.




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